I Have the Best Job Ever!IMG_0650

When I was a little girl, I always knew that my life had to be filled with multiple animals! It all started with collecting as many stuffed animals that I could get my hands on. The collection had grown so large that I eventually had to either give away or put them in a garage sale. As I got older, my parents gave into my love of the animal world and allowed me to own dogs, cats, pigs and birds. It was never shocking when my mother would find an occasional horned toad in one of my dresser drawers! I even played with bugs and built homes for them. I was obsessed!

The animal world always had an impact on my life in many forms. I can’t remember not ever having a pet to love and be loved by. I also began riding and training my own horses at a young age and continue to do so. It became very obvious that I was destined to make animals a huge part of my life.

Life sped up and I had to earn a living so I began the journey of working for other individuals. I tried working for a vet, which I retained valuable knowledge but came home with a broken heart every day because I couldn’t save every animal. I turned to the medical field and made my living that way. I always had my pets and was called upon to take care of many other people’s pets.

For 30 years I had always not only taken care of my pets, but many other’s too. I always imagined myself in a profession that involved animals. I had to make the decision to leave the medical field and finally do what I could only dream about! I knew it was going to include taking care of animals and I knew I wanted to own the business….so BAM! Whiskers N Wags was formed. This was a way that I could start my own business and be able to take care of multiple animals AND get paid for it. It’s a win win!! I absolutely love what I do, and I have the best clients and the best owners! I make new friends constantly and the stress is there, but it is so much more manageable when you do something you love, and I LOVE it!!!!