The edition of adding pet sitting in Nolan County (Sweetwater, TX. and Roscoe, TX.)

We are so proud to announce the addition of Nolan County as one of our Service areas! I have had many people tell me that there is a need for a pet sitter in Sweetwater, TX. I have considered and debated for awhile now on whether I should take on this extra County. It is an honor to be able to provide such a requested service to a neighboring county at this time. Pet sitting in Nolan County will be a bit of a challenge, not only time wise, but distance wise. I have to add a surcharge of $5.00 per trip to help take care of costs of extra mileage, but I know the extra effort and care will be well received. I also will be able to board in my home. I can offer a pick-up and delivery service for these people as well if they cannot find the time to do so themselves. I am looking forward to meeting new people and their pets and I would like to say Thank You in advance for those of you that will call and request my services. We will be committed to be your excellent source of pet care while you are away. The need for pet sitters in Sweetwater, TX. shows how as pet owners, we strive to give the best possible care to our beloved pets while away or just at work.

Pet Sitting at its Best!

Yes! That is what I said! Pet sitting at its best! At least that is what I try to achieve every time I visit or board a pet. I don’t claim to know everything about the industry, but I do know that I have learned so much in the time that I have been doing this profession. Is it easy? Absolutely not! Many people have the misconception that it is all about going to the house, feeding the dogs, possibly walking the dogs, cleaning the litter box and various chores. I wish it were that easy! Pets are individuals. I have to arrange my routine to their routines, shuffle schedules to accommodate everybody, but the most important thing that is overlooked, is gaining the pets trust. Not all animals that I come across fall in love with me immediately. I have to pull out my tricks to gain the trust of each pet. Treats are not always the answer. Some of these animals were adopted and out of those, some may have had a bad home where they came from. These animals typically have trust issues. I have come across several. I take my hat off to the new owners who took on this new challenge. I have tons of respect for those who do and successfully change these poor abused animals into fun loving individuals that are a treasure to take care of. It saddens me to hear the stories about a pets past history involving abuse, neglect and starvation. Why in the world do people take on pets if they cannot take care of them? Thanks goodness for the organizations that help out these poor animals and even protect them from ever having to go back into a place of neglect again. I have many pets! I can’t help myself! I love them to pieces. All of them! I worry about them constantly. When I am taking care of others, I am so conscience of their health. There have been instances that I would have to make a trip to their vet. I would never hesitate to run a beloved pet to a clinic if I saw need to. That’s why it is also important as a pet sitter to have good relationships with local vets. I always make sure that the families let their vet know that I am taking care of the pets, just in case I do need to take them for a visit. So I guess what I’m trying to say is..there are so many things that can happen while in my care that cannot be ignored. The pets with trust issues require special attention to keep everybody safe. The pets with health issues need to be accessed and discussed with owners if there is a need to get them medical care. It is definitely nice to leave a sit without any problems and to show up the next time with healthy happy pets. But be prepared for anything. Pet sitting and pet boarding are rewarding in so many ways for those of us who truly love what we do and have an infinite love of animals. I honestly could not think of another profession that I would want to do at this point. So pet sitting at its best? I say yes!!

A topic that is so important to me! Kitty bladder care!

I have to write about this because it so important to know your kitty inside and out. Know its habits, all of them! Especially the litter box habits. I have learned so much about this topic from others and from my own personal experience. I have raised many cats in my lifetime and have learned that the number one disease is feline urinary failure. Cats are predators in the wild. They live off of meat which contains the majority of what they need in the way of fluids. I have become an obsessed litter box junkie! In the majority of households that have indoor cats, the prominent feed program usually consists of dry cat food. While many of these foods contain great nutrition, what they don’t contain is liquid. Cats typically don’t drink a lot of water so it is up to us as pet parents to find other ways to make sure they get the sufficient amount of fluid intake that is needed to insure that they have a healthy urinary and kidney function. I’m a believer in the Blue products. That is what I feed my cats. I feed the dry and the canned foods. I mix 1/2 dry, 1/2 wet and supplement that with water to make a nice gravy. They eat it up! Neutered males are especially prone to having the urinary problems more so than others. They tend to form what is called crystals that can block the urethra and cause significant pain, blockage and the worst, death. These can help be controlled by making sure your feline baby is taking sufficient amounts of liquids. Get creative! Do whatever you need to do get them drinking. Those that have UTI’s consistently need to only be on high quality canned foods that help with the urinary tract. NO DRY for these kitties. I watch my cats to see how much and how often they go to the litter box. Signs of a cat that may be experiencing trouble can be: squatting in the litter box and little to nothing coming out…crying out while doing this…very little pee scoops in the box..and peeing outside this litter box ( this is because they see the litter box as a painful place and choose to go outside of it). So what do we do? Take to the vet immediately!!!! They can diagnose and prescribe the best course of action to take. DO NOT hesitate. This could be a life or death situation. But to keep those felines healthy and happy,,,,its all about WATER!IMG_0309

How about that smile!!!!

As humans, we care about the health of our teeth and gums and try to do all the things our dentist tells us do to keep them pearly! The same should be pets too! Tarter builds up very quickly if they are not brushed or cleaned on a regular basis. This can be dangerous in our babies. Tarter build up can cause serious gum problems like gingivitis, tooth decay, and eventually the teeth falling out. There are all kinds of products out there that claim to help keep the teeth clean. Do your homework and googling and find a good product. If you start them out at a very young age with brushing their teeth, as they get older, it will be a piece of cake. A lot of dogs tend to smell more than others and a lot of that is because they have tarter buildup and that causes a foul order. How do dogs clean themselves? With their tongue! So that odor in their mouth is being deposited all over their fur as well! Believe me, I have been around many dogs that even a bath wouldn’t help. So make sure on your vet visits that the teeth and gums are looked at and take the advice of the vet if they need a good cleaning. Those little dog kisses and licks will be so much more pleasurable!

Spring anyone?

I know we are still in the winter months, but can you smell the Spring yet? I can! Its my absolute favorite time of year. The days are longer which allows me more time outdoors with my clients and my own pets. It’s the time of year for newborn colts and fillies to hit the ground! I love seeing colts and newborn calves frolicking in the fields. It gives me new meaning to my life! It also gives me more time with my own two horses. I feel they have been neglected for the last few years because I have been working so many office hours. With this business, I have the ability to be flexible with my hours now. I am the boss afterall!! I have studied the natural horsemanship methods for over 12 years now and absolutely love what it does for both the horse and human. It’s a bond beyond the imagination. Extremely humane as well. It never ends,,training is a lifetime for both horse and owner. I would love to have another colt running in my field in the near future! What I do hate to see is the family in search of their first horse for themselves or their child. I have seen way too many incidents of a family buying a “dream” horse only to find out that is way too dangerous. I offer my services to help find the horse that is safe for them. Its more than finding a pretty picture of a horse for sale,,lots of research and thought and time needs to go into the purchase of a first time horse. I am not in the business to give riding lessons..I’m in the business to make sure that the horse is a perfect match for that individual. It’s a lifetime decision. Horses can live up to 30 years now and its a commitment. Come on Springtime!!!

Pets have the winter time blues?

I know during the winter months that I seem to not have as much enthusiasm as I do during the other seasons. Living in west Texas, the weather is soooo unpredictable! But when it decides to perform a “cold front”, it doesn’t waste any time! Like humans, our pets go through the same kind of feelings. They get the cabin fever and always have all that excess energy that needs to be expelled. Working on ranches and doing a lot of horse training in the winter has helped me prepare and even learn how to dress while outside! I am no stranger to the wonderful world of camo! That is, camouflaged coveralls! They are without a doubt the warmest clothing to wear outside on those days that have that bitter chill! Not flattering to the figures, but who cares! I have also learned that mittens seem to work better than insulated gloves. That is because the heat from your hand and fingers radiates throughout the mitten where as gloves only attempt to keep the individual fingers warm. They are a bit cumbersome for handling multiple leashes and not to mention texting, but if you are looking for the absolute warmth factor, mittens work! Keep the ears warm with any of the conventional ear muffs on the market or my preferred hoodie! So, back to the subject of the pets…. they still need the exercise during those months too so bundle them up in sweater, coats, booties,,the market is endless in the animal clothing world now. On days that I am walking pups in all this winter attire, I usually end up peeling off layers because I get overheated! I tend to have a great time with the pups on these cold days and they appreciate the walks and the sunshine and the chance to explore and sniff out everything in sight! So even on the coldest days, don’t forget to allow those pets that precious time outdoors. I am available for those walks if you don’t have time.

Whiskers ‘N’ Wags Blog by Becky

Well, it’s the end of 2014 and a fantastic beginning to 2015! I am so excited to be doing what I love. I know at the beginning of a new year, we all tend to at least TRY to have a New Year resolution. My usual was always to get fit, lose weight, eat right,,blah blah blah! I still try to do at least 2 out of those 3! I have to admit that walking dogs certainly helps keep me fit and its fun too. But for this new year, I intend to work harder at being the best pet sitter I can be! This means giving you the best service for your beloved pets. You all know how much I love animals so I will always pass that love and passion on to your pets. I won’t lie, it makes all the difference in the world to a pet to get that extra TLC and attention. They always reciprocate! I am looking forward to meeting so many new people and their pets this year. We added in- home- boarding a couple of months ago and I am happy to say that it is doing very well. I still have more pet sits and dog walks but adding this extra service has helped many folks out that prefer having their pets surrounded by human contact 24/7 while they are away. So as always, we aim to please and I look forward to hearing from you. If I have taken care of your pets before, please do me a favor and leave review on this site. I appreciate all the trust and repeat business. Please tell your friends! Your pets will be glad you did!