Boarding Cats

As a Professional Pet Sitter plus an avid lover of cats, I absolutely love when I have kitty sits or feline boarders. But boarding may not always be a good option for the cat. They are extremely territorial and can stress out in different situations. So when a client calls me to care for their kitties, I do my usual Meet N Greet so that I can evaluate the kitties to see which situation will work best for them. I have had great success in boarding cats here, but I make sure they have all their essential items that they need. Plus I also make sure they have plenty of room to stretch their legs and climb. They are allowed out into the main part of the room so that they can run, jump, play, and of course cuddle!

I never change food and also know that the kitties are particular about what they eat and drink out of so I request the owners to bring their bowls as well. Its all about the comfort and safety of my feline friends! They are required to have all their vaccines up to date just like the dogs and free of flea and ticks. I want all my visitors to have a positive and great time while they stay with us. Its best that the cats that board with me are used to the sounds and smells of dogs too. Many times I have a client bring me both their kitty and dog and request that they stay in the same suite!

So when thinking about what to do with the sweet kitty, let me help you make that decision prior to departure. It will benefit everybody involved to make sure that the cat is comfortable and safe.

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