This topic can sometimes become a rant of mine simply because I am outside walking dogs a lot. It’s my responsibility to keep my client dogs safe, as well as myself. We have city ordinances that require all city dogs be confined to their property either by fence or unfortunately restrained by a chain of some sort (not my favorite for many reasons!) But it’s sad to say that it is not enforced in a lot of situations. I  cannot stress how frustrating it is to be walking a dog or dogs in the city and another dog or pack come running up to us with ears pinned, teeth bared, snarling and ready for attack mode. My heart leaps out of my chest and my adrenaline goes haywire. I carry pepper spray and have also learned how to use the end of my leash as a crazy swinging rope to try and scare the dogs away from us. I become this crazy lady that can transform into a 10 foot giant if I have to! So far I have been lucky that these tactics work. Please folks, prevent unnecessary attacks, wounds and in severe cases, death from occurring by abiding by the city laws set to protect not only your dog but all others. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for the actions of your dog. I think if more people were taken to court due to the actions of their loose dogs, it would save lives, money and heartbreaks.

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