Gear up for Winter!

Yay! We have made it through the hot summer months. I love this time of year. Not too hot, not too cold,,,just right! I tend to have more energy and with that energy comes the goal of getting ready for winter. Living in West Texas with no predictability in our weather, we have to be ready for anything. I have to always stay on top of the up and coming weather that could alter the way I need to care for my animals including the boarding dogs and outside pet sits.

Folks! Dogs may have a built in winter coat, but that doesn’t mean that they have ALL the heat needed to sustain a comfortable body temp. When the temps drop, it’s critical to make sure that all outside animals have a warm shelter to escape to. Would YOU want to be left outside in the cold without any warm outlets? I think not! There are many things that can be done for our outside pets. Safe heaters or lamps are usually used in enclosures to give the pups that extra warmth they will need. But please make sure they are safe and away from loose hanging objects that could catch on fire. I have a pup that absolutely hates to be inside, so we provide him with a warm dog house with lots of blankets and safe heat lamp to keep the chill away. We check every day to make sure no chords have been chewed or compromised. Exercise your pup the same way even during the winter months. For those dogs that are very sensitive to the cold, there are thousands of doggy clothing lines that can add extra warmth for your pup in the ways of sweaters and doggy jackets.

So think ahead! Enjoy these perfect climate days but prepare for the really cold ones. Watch the weather forecasts. When they say bring your plants in, well its safe to say that the same should go for the pets!

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