Get the Best Tools to Walk Your Pups

Spring is in the air! This is the best time to get out with the pooch and get some exercise. Yes it will benefit both your dog and you. Walking is a fantastic way to get this accomplished.

One of the questions I get asked the most is how to stop the dog from pulling on the leash. I have my fair share of  pups that make me feel like I’m being pulled from behind a jet boat! There are so many tools out there now that can make this task easier and fun.

As a trainer, I never recommend to use any of the “pain” collars as I call them. These would include prong collars that have spikes pointing into the dogs neck. When the dog pulls, the spikes dig into the skin and can be very painful. These should only be used by professionals. They can not only do a lot of damage on the outside , but cause many wounds that can become infected. Another one of “pain” tools would include choke collars. They work like a pulley system that “grab” the dogs throat whenever they pull. Folks this can do serious damage to the pups trachea.

So what are the better choices? My favorite is the gentle lead harness. It is a harness that fits comfortably around the dogs chest and girth. It has a front clip that the leash attaches to so it makes it harder for the dog to pull. It will not damage the trachea because it does not latch around the throat. You can get them from Amazon for about $25. Get the one that comes with the DVD to explain how to use the harness. This will save you tons of anxiety and is very safe for the dog. If you are still having issues, I will be glad to show you little tricks that make this harness the best dog walking tool on the market.

So lets go walking!

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