This business is very important to me. I constantly strive to improve anything within my power to offer and give the best pet care I can to my clients. I have independently trained my own dogs throughout my life to be the best dogs they can be as well as me being the best human I can be for them. Of course I trained them to do the basics such as simple word commands like sit, stay, lay down, shake,,,you get the picture, but the one area that I really didn’t accomplish is to try and read a dog. What does that mean? Well, like humans, dogs use their bodies and language to try and get a point across to us humans, as well as other dogs. Every little movement of their bodies has meaning to other dogs. Even the smallest of movements. They are taught to understand these movements as puppies from their mother and other litter mates. I also use this philosophy when training my horses. Animals don’t have the ability to have a complex language like humans do to communicate so they use every other means within them. I am currently studying to get my certification in dog training. It will take about 2 years to complete, but it will enhance not only my abilities as a pet sitter, but I will be able to help others with their dogs in need of assistance with communication. The first part of my studies is all about animal behavior. It is without a doubt one of the most interesting subjects that I have had the privilege to learn about. As I dive into my studies, I constantly find myself being more of an observer of the many dogs that I care for. It’s fascinating! Far better than most of the programs on tv now! Dogs have a lot to say! It will take the length of the study and time to be able to accomplish my goal of better understanding of dog language but it will be so worth it. I am excited to be a student. Learning is never boring. I’m like a sponge again. I have the best job to be able to test my new knowledge and on many different subjects. Take the time to sit and observe your dog. Hear wha476t they have to say! Pictured at the right is one of my test subjects..Buffy! She always has things to say!

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