Why choose a professional you ask?

You get a phone call in the middle of the night while you are relaxing from a glorious day at the beach. You are on vacation, much needed one! The phone call is not good! Your dog has passed away and the neighbor friend that you asked to watch him has no idea why! I mean he threw up a couple of times and had a little bit of blood in it but otherwise he was doing fine!! Not fine!

We all want to make sure that our fur babies are taken care of while we are gone but finding that person or boarding facility can be a pain right? Wrong. People who get into this profession take it very serious. Which means they take your pet’s health and safety very serious too.

Did you know that a lot of Professional Pet Sitters have vet tech experience and are certified in animal CPR? Yes, that is true. Think about it…would you rather leave your fur baby in the care of the teenage neighbor that may or may not stop by and leave a little food/water and spot check on your pet? Or would you prefer to leave them in the care of a professional that has the experience and can and will notice any health problem your pet may have and take action immediately?

I talk about this topic because in my years as a PPS, I have had to take a pet to the vet due to noticing irregular habits, illness, fever, unusual poop! Thankfully none of the cases were serious but non the less needed attention. When parents are away, some of these dogs get anxiety and tend to do, or more like chew things they shouldn’t which can cause upset tummys and away we go!

So I ask the question again…would you prefer to have your neighbor take care of your precious pets, or hire a professional? The choice is yours!

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